• Tuition is split into two categories: Academic Year and Summer

  • Academic Year tuition covers all lessons from September to May, paid in 9 equal monthly installments.

  • Summer tuition will be arranged on a month-to-month basis for a more flexible schedule to allow for vacation. 

performance opportunities

  • There will be several optional opportunities for student to perform in recitals and competitions

  • Competitions will usually start after student has been involved in piano lessons for a year, or depending on the readiness of student


  • Students are expected to practice throughout the week 

  • The amount of time spent practicing varies based on student age and level 

  • Instructor will provide practice guidelines in a notebook.

parent involvement

  • Purchase books and materials for lessons (usually between $25-75 per year)

  • Encourage student to practice (or practice with them depending on age/maturity of student)

  • Help student arrive five minutes early to their lesson

  • Ensure that student comes prepared with all books and materials to every lesson


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